Posted by: cokenias | May 11, 2011


Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 10:30am. SW @ 9mph

Good ground control, good launch from top of Walker, inefficient run on Walker ridge (high banking turns, little wind), sank out after three beats, turned back and CRASHED in the blackberries mid turn with very low groundspeed. I was surprised to drop so suddenly, I don’t know for sure if it was a stall or just sink. I was heavy in the brakes the whole time, trying to milk the lift. It’s possible I was beyond min-sink and then added even more brake to turn. Video camera was not running so I don’t know for sure. I remember thinking I should have turned home after the second pass.

No damage to self or wing. Took 20 minutes to pack up wing, almost an hour to walk down (I tried going up first). Lots of hidden trenches and chest-high blackberry bushes. Thorny, but nice and springy to land on. Glad I had long pants, gloves, boots and sleeves. Stuff sack saved time and was useful as a platform to surf the tops of bushes. Wished I had packed some water. Wished I remembered my phone has a gps/map, I could have used the satellite view to pick a better route down. While I was in the rough another new pilot crashed into the nearby cliff face (no injury). Amateur hour at the Dumps.


  • Too low, too slow.
  • Did not listen to better judgement and bail out.
  • Might have pulled brakes during big ears.
  • GoPro not on.

Map of Blackberries Crash


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