Posted by: cokenias | May 13, 2011


Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 12:30pm. NW @ 12mph

Good ground control and effortless launch, got up easily and headed north to cliffs. Plenty of lift. Played with vario/gps speed probe (trim = 21 mph, stall is somewhere near 16.5). Shared sky with 3 HG and 4 PG. Was within 1/2 mile of a helicopter, didn’t notice any turbulence. Tried an asymmetric 360°, ground track was far from circular. Lower back sore after 30 minutes, shortened shoulder straps for more support. Some wide figure 8s in lift to 900′, more turbulent at that height. Getting better at correcting pitch with properly timed brakes. Figure 8s south of steps to come down, got too low for textbook approach. Combined base leg and final, came in NNE and turned NNW into wind a few feet above ground.


  • Forgot to stow airspeed probe before landing.
  • Final approach was not directly into wind.
  • Low-level course corrections.
  • GoPro mounted at a nauseating 45° angle.

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