Posted by: cokenias | May 20, 2011

90 minutes!

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 10am. Southwest @ 12mph

Launched W from Walker in a SW wind, halfway down the ramp so as to avoid rotor/shadow from the crest of Walker. Good kiting in an area that seemed impossible yesterday under similar conditions. Immediately turned left and worked the SW ridge. Got closer to top/lee side of Walker spine than I planned, but no issues. Easy climb to about 500. Transitioned to cliffs, as expected, very little lift due to wind direction. Got up, but didn’t venture too far north, the return trip is very slow (which made me a little anxious, although I had more than enough lift and a beach bailout). Wasn’t comfortable getting very close to terrain, concerned about rotors from the S wind component against the rough cliff face. Again worked Walker and southish-facing cliffs, avoided getting too far into the outback. I think there was a windsheer at about 500 feet, I had a hard time climbing past 500 and when I finally did, my glider turned sharply. Or maybe I was just poorly positioned to climb. Shared sky with another PG and an invisible white fixed-wing hang glider. Experienced mild turbulence from the Mussle Rock, 500ft over the Plateau. Returned to the cliffs, climbed to about 860ft where it is foggy and cold, turned back to land. Decided against DBA landing as the downwind leg would intersect MR rotor. Lost height over ocean in front of north steps and came in ears and bar on a SSE track. Released ears at 100ft agl and straightened into wind, aiming for crossroads landing. Minor turbulence 10ft agl. The very rotor I was trying to avoid in the first place! Landed quite gently about 30feet from spot. Should have landed further north to avoid turbulence.


  • Didn’t clear all turns.
  • Made a landing plan and followed it, but it was a bad plan.
  • Grabbed risers a few times.
  • Harness pocket unzipped. I could have lost my wallet!

1:30 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch.


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