Posted by: cokenias | May 24, 2011

Mindful Beaver

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 5pm. NW @ 12mph

Launched from Lemmings with more thorough preflight and mindful kiting. Good ground handling, questionable launch. I was forward kiting in a nearly standing position, bent my knees and leaned into torpedo, two steps and I got lift, but I was unhappy with my apparent speed so I let up a little and got a bit of a surge, wasting lift and putting me further in front than I had wanted to be. Perhaps I was dragging on the brakes while in torpedo or (more likely, I think) I didn’t account for the wing adjusting to the more vertical wind at the edge of launch. I think a little less brakes to start and a smoother correction combined with a more progressive run would have been ideal. Headed directly for the cliffs, after a short stretch decided I was too low and looped back for a gentle landing in the gravel next to Lemmings, transitioned to kiting.


  • Sloppy takeoff speed/pitch control.
  • Didn’t announce launch.

0:03 Mussel Rock (Lemmings), reverse launch.


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