Posted by: cokenias | May 26, 2011

Half Bar

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 5:20pm. W @ 13mph

Launched from Lemmings. Noticed a line passthrough during preflight, unclipped and reclipped to fix. I set up with wing center launch (why?) and me one step down the hill. Wing came up cleanly with good control (one would expect rotor here, it was there an hour ago…) Tiptoed my way to middle-front of launch and took off with strong torpedo, but still a bit of a speed-gaining swoop once airborne. I was probably too much on brakes. Headed directly north to the cliffs, decided I was too low, looped back to work the Steps a bit for an easier transition to cliffs. 20 minutes in to the flight, in front of cliffs, I realized I failed to reconnect 1/2 of speed bar when I unclipped. Rather than try to fix mid-air (which I probably could have done) I headed home, a bit stressed out. Poor landing setup and final, I ended up lower than I expected to be and landed facing more north than west. Expletive as I ran out a sloppy downwind landing in the Saddle area. I think I was tired this day and didn’t realize it. Many mistakes, glad none of them hurt.


  • Did not announce launch.
  • Launched in a known rotor area.
  • Did not restart preflight routine after fixing a problem.
  • Flew fatigued.
  • Foul language.

0:23 Mussel Rock (Lemmings), reverse launch.


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