Posted by: cokenias | June 1, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 5:30pm. SW @ 11mph

Launched from The Jungle, my first launch here. It’s a bowl shaped launch with noticeable venturi. Preflighted off-launch, then set up in rosette at top of launch, with me several paces downhill, brakes on wrists, hands on As and Ds. Wing came up easily, I chased it uphill a few steps to stabilize, turned and launched with uneven speed, stomping a few bushes along the way. Immediately turned south to work Walker ridge. Got sharply pulled up and toward the ridge a few times, accompanied by some sinky spots. Brake lines were wrapped 360 around risers, adding lots of friction. Because brake handles were on my wrists, it was difficult to undo the wrap. After one pass on Walker, turned away from terrain to fiddle with brakes. Fixed both brakes over the steps, landed gently in the wind on the second level road. After landing, witnessed a near-accident in front of Walker ridge. Experienced, out-of-practice pilot was making sharp inputs and dropped 50 feet in a cascade of semi-recoveries: almost-spin, almost-stall, almost-stall, dive, and finally a swing through recovery. People were reaching for their cell phones.


  • Brake lines twisted on launch.

0:03 Mussel Rock (Jungle), reverse launch.



  1. Thanks for the posts, Damon. I wish I could get more flights in but the conditions are more variable here in Helena, Montana. I grew up in Ohio on Lake Erie so I appreciate the on-shore breezes. Watch those downwind landings! I am MajorTom to GroundControl on PGF.

    • Hey, thanks for reading! Yeah, we’re totally spoiled here in California with the good weather and nearby coast / mountains. I’ve been doing all my flying at one site, once I’m a bit better I’ll do some road tripping. Jackson Hole is on my list, I’ve seen a lot of great videos. Where do people fly in Helena?

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