Posted by: cokenias | June 7, 2011

Back up for Another Peek

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 6:00pm. NW @ 13mph

Launched from Walker and easily got up. Headed north to cliffs, climbed to 775 feet and floated around for a while. Lost height by figure 8s in front of the Saddle. Ended up a little lower than I intended, final approach was heading NE, but I was able to run out the partially downwind landing with a few steps. Ogled hang gliders docking and trailing smoke. Vario/GPS and GoPro were not running, I did not preflight my electronics.


  • Poor landing approach, landed partially downwind.
  • Did not preflight electronics.

0:42 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch.

(no video)


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