Posted by: cokenias | June 8, 2011

Crosswind Launch

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 4:00pm. W @ 10mph

Launched from Walker headed west, 45 degrees cross to wind. I used some right brake to delay turning into the wind for a second or two, so I would be further out before turning south. When I let out the brake, the turn towards the terrain was sharper than I expected and I came within a few feet of the ridge top. I corrected my heading and all was well. Did a pass or two in front of Walker ridge then moved to the Steps. I should have gotten higher along Walker first, but another glider was nearby and I wanted my own space as I shook off the sloppy launch. Didn’t find lift over the Steps and landed gently into the wind on the middle road.


  • Didn’t announce launch.
  • Launched crosswind without enough course correction.
  • Left lift.

0:06 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch.


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