Posted by: cokenias | June 8, 2011

Mini Sledder

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 4:00pm. W @ 10mph

Launched from Lemmings. Set up with wing on edge of launch, me down hill. Wing came up OK but I lost control after turning and aborted with a hard brake line pull (I probably over did it). It took about 10 minutes to free the wing from bushes it dove into. Second launch attempt went smoothly, I set up a few feet back from the edge and built more of a wall than previously. As soon as I left the ground I realized I had no flight plan and I was tired, I turned left and landed smoothly in the gravel next to Lemmings.


  • Didn’t announce launch.
  • Flew fatigued.

0:01 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch.


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