Posted by: cokenias | July 17, 2011

Photo Op 1

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 11 mph WNW 4:40pm

Set up on Lemmings, a little distracted as I had invited some friends to spectate / take pictures, the launch and airspace were also a little crowded, a lot of people were out this day. I only noticed my disconnected speed bar before launching by chance. Realizing I was missing things, I slowed down a bit before actually taking off. I headed north, a little low. I turned back at the first slide and landed on the middle road, slightly downwind (and slightly up hill). A few running steps, no problem. First time with chest-mounted GoPro. Pros: no lurching around as I move my head. Cons: all you can see is my paragliding harness.


  • Rushed launch, missed disconnected speed bar.
  • Did not redo preflight from beginning after missing a check.

0:04 Mussel Rock (Lemmings), reverse launch.

Thanks Gretchen Z. for the photos!

After all this time, it still seems like too many lines.

Wheee! Even bombing out can be fun.

Everyone else got up.

These things fly right over head.


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