Posted by: cokenias | July 24, 2011

Another South Day

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 14 mph SSW 3:45pm

After two failed attempts at kiting to the top of Walker (evil rotor today) I repeated my previous success by launching due west from 80% of the way up the north side of Walker ramp. The wind turned me south, as expected and I easily climbed up with a few passes in front of Walker ridge. Once up, I visited the cliffs then boated around over the park, practicing steep turns, pitch oscillation/dampening and efficient turns. Many other aircraft up today including RC planes and hang gliders. Perhaps 8 hanggies and 10 paragliders in a relatively small area. We all shared it well. Used steep figure 8 followed by a very satisfying diving turn to get down, landed gently in the wind on the Plateau. This was my first real flight on a day with such a south wind, I feel I did very well. No rotor or blowback threats and I generally found lift where I expected to. Too bad the camera ran out of batteries.

0:50 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch. No video.



  1. your blog is really great, Damon. I’m a new P2 and fly at The Dumps occasionally, so it’s really educational to see what you’re doing there, and how you think about it. I also really like your critique of your flights – very useful. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Robin, I’m happy you’re getting something out of my blog! Look forward to meeting you at the coast some time.

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