Posted by: cokenias | July 26, 2011

Not So Much

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 12 mph SSW. 3:00pm Fog at 400 feet.

I set up on the north side of Walker ramp, partway down so that I was out of the shadow/rotor from Walker ridge. Took off facing west without a lot of forward momentum, touched back down and gave it another kick and a little brake. Turned into the wind alongside Walker ridge, getting a little closer to the corner than I intended. I am sometimes surprised by how eager the glider is to face the wind, I don’t really need to steer left at all.

Flew out and back along Walker ridge. Not much lift on the return (downwind) leg. I wasn’t close enough to the terrain, and the wind direction was poor. Broke away and passed over the Steps, looping back at the first slide. Aimed for a straight-in landing at Gusto, but was just a little too low so I settled for a clearing just downhill. Landed gently and kited the wing to a larger clearing.

I probably would have had better luck launching from the top of Walker directly into the wind.

0:05 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch.


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