Posted by: cokenias | August 13, 2011

Pay Attention!

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 14 mph SSW 3:20pm.

Top of Walker ramp, launched WSW and nearly clipped the ridge coming around the corner. Got up with a few beats in front of Walker ridge, then headed north to the Slide. It was south and strong, no one was going much higher than cliff tops so it was rather crowded. At one point, I was headed south along the Steps, crossing in front of Walker as someone was preparing to launch. I wasn’t sure if he knew our paths might cross, so I kept looking to my left to keep an eye on him. I heard a yell in front of me, “pay attention!” I was headed for a potential head-on collision. I quickly cleared and executed a 90 degree right turn. We had been maybe five or six seconds from a serious situation, the oncoming pilot was pinned between my path and the ridge (with the potentially launching third pilot). Oops! Shortly after, two other pilots were waving at me in the air and pointing down. I took it as a recommendation to land, though I didn’t know why. All my gear seemed fine. I landed gently in the wind in the Saddle. It turns out they saw my air speed sensor dangling from my harness and thought it was a problem– no, it works that way. Apologized to the pilot whose path I blocked, no hard feelings.


  • Distracted by one hazard, I didn’t see another: an oncoming glider.

20 minutes. No video.


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