Posted by: cokenias | August 16, 2011


Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 13 mph SSW. 2:45pm

Set up on the north side of Walker ramp and (forward) kited to the south-facing cliff top. Almost dropped it from unloading the wing while looking up at at. Recovered with a sharp dig on the brakes. Took off facing SW.

Really? Really?! AGAIN I had trouble getting in to the harness, my butt below the seatplate. And after just going through this! I turned away from the ridge, ready to start a landing if I had to. Tried knees-to-chest once and managed to get just a bit of seat under me. A pullup and some wiggling solved the problem. I intended on landing had those attempts failed. Comfortably seated, I returned to the ridge for a pleasant half hour under the fog. Used a few sharp turns to lose altitude and set up an in-wind landing just north of the gravel.


  • Upright ground handling posture and misadjusted harness made it difficult to get seated; this has happened before.

0:30 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch.


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