Posted by: cokenias | August 16, 2011


Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 13 mph SSW. 2:20pm

Set up on the north side of Walker ramp and (forward) kited to the south-facing cliff top. I was pulled off the path just a bit, but managed to maintain control. The wind was stronger at the top, I easily took off facing SW a few feet from the edge.

Aw, crap, it happened again! The harness rode up while I was ground handling and I was flying by my nads with the seat plate flat against my lower back and loops riding ALL the way up. I tried (and failed) several times to get in the seat. Knees-to-chest did not work, my tailbone was too far below the seat hinge to scootch in. I tried a few riser pull ups, which did take the weight off my leg loops, but I still wasn’t able to get above the seat, the harness just moved with me as I struggled. Tugging on the risers like that causes the wing to move around a bit, but I was able to correct my course between fits of writhing and kicking. I continued flying the glider along Walker ridge, aiming to get higher so I’d have more wiggle room for wiggling. I tried catching the speed bar with my heel, but given my position, it was impossible, I kept kicking my reserve. A stirrup or two-step bar probably would have helped a lot. At one point I did a riser pull up and swung my legs all the way above my head, between and behind the risers, similar to the unbuckled leg loops recovery technique. I considered completing the maneuver by hooking my legs around the risers like a trapeze artist and fixing the harness with my hands. But, as I have never actually practiced the technique, and since it wasn’t an emergency, I decided not to get too fancy. Tired and out of ideas, I gave up.

I landed without incident, in the Saddle, facing the wind. On examination, I decided my leg loops were too loose and possibly my shoulder straps as well.


  • Upright ground handling posture and misadjusted harness made it impossible to get seated; this has happened before.
  • “I can fix this.” Trying to creatively fix a non-emergency in-flight added risk.

0:05 Mussel Rock (Walker), reverse launch.



  1. goodness! maybe you need a different harness?

  2. When the straps are right, the harness fits wonderfully. I think need to improve my preflight.

  3. got it. makes sense.

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