Posted by: cokenias | October 19, 2011

Do it Again! Again!

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 15-17 mph NW, Overcast, 12:45pm

One more before I gotta go to work. Set up downhill of Lemmings with my wing on the edge. Brought it up cleanly but had to chase it to mid-launch. Turned forward and found it a little difficult to penetrate. Launched into the wind and headed north over the Steps. AGAIN! Some fidgeting and risers grabbing (!) required to get properly comfortable. Definitely need to get harness settings dialed in.

Easily got up, turning back after the first slide (the tide is coming in, I want to stay near the main park while I’m low). Second pass in front of the slide pulls me up to cruising altitude about 100 feet above the cliffs.

Did two (distinct) steep 360 over the Steps and Plateau. Big ears to come down, let them out one at a time at about 75′ and 50′ behind the top road. Long smooth descent parallel to the road (north) turning directly into the WNW wind at the large gravel area by Lemmings. Final turn was at about 8 feet AGL, very gentle and without much bank.


  • Again, harness maladjustment made it difficult to get seated.
  • Let out big ears relatively low.
  • Landing plan included last minute, low-level turn.

0:13 minutes
Mussel Rock (Lemmings), reverse launch.


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