Posted by: cokenias | November 4, 2011

Last One of the Day

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 15-17 mph WNW

Reverse launch downhill from Lemmings with the wing on edge of launch. The strong wind pulled me to the top of launch and pulled me off my feet when I turned forward. Perhaps it would have been better to launch backward (…or from a lower launch). I untwisted as I was lifted, and gave a lazy kick forward when I touched down, a second kick got me flying forward. Torpedo it wasn’t. Found myself a little low over the ground (I had turned rather sharply) so I drifted out a little further from the hill. Crossed the bowl with good height and continued along the cliffs. Turned back at the big Slide, about 900′ MSL. Did some high bank turns over the Plateau ’cause it’s fun. The wind has been getting stronger all afternoon and now I’m noticing it getting colder too. The little voice says time to think about landing and what a nice day it’s been already.

I landed facing NNW in the Saddle with a long straight-in approach. Adjusted final slightly by slowing and moving right when I noticed a pedestrian on a possible intercept path.

  • Got lifted while launching.
  • Sat down early.

12 minutes
Mussel Rock (Lemmings), reverse launch.


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