Posted by: cokenias | November 4, 2011

Target Fixation

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 13-16 mph WNW

Reverse launch from mid-Lemmings. The wing came up easily and I turned forward, with still a fair amount of launch in front of me. Instead of slow, powerful pushing torpedo steps, I ran quickly, resulting in a short swoop up, touchdown, up, touchdown. I felt the wing loading change on the second touchdown and I looked up, stopping forward motion and dropping the glider like a newb. Almost recovered it turning into reverse position and pulling brakes, but the lines were fouled in the GoPro so I focused clearing them instead.

Working with the glider where it fell, I kited it into a wall and started a second launch. Reviewing the video, I see I didn’t check for air traffic or yell Clear! before pulling it up. It had been a while since I looked behind me, even. No consequences. I turned forward and again launched with a bit too much ground speed, touching down twice but at least without unloading the wing this time.

Turned north over the Steps and cleared old Hwy 1 with plenty of height. Proceeded along the cliffs, turning back at the big slide, above the houses and well away from the ridge on this strong day. Moseyed around the park at about 900′ for a few minutes.

Used a few steep turns over the Plateau and set up an L approach first headed inland, then NNW into the wind. In a classic demonstration of target fixation, I landed gently one step in front of the most prominent bush in the LZ. The one with all the nothing all around it.

  • Launched with bad AoA by accelerating too quickly.
  • Unloaded wing by looking up at it forward kiting.
  • Target fixation while landing.

20 minutes
Mussel Rock (Lemmings), reverse launch.


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