Posted by: cokenias | January 14, 2012

A (Glorious) Change of Scenery

Big Sur (Wild Cattle) 3200′, 0-4 mph W

After nearly one hundred consecutive flights at the Dumps, I’m at a new site for me: Big Sur. Launch is at 3200′, the LZ a field next to Hwy 1, about 100′.

Executed a decent nil-wind reverse launch. It would have been cleaner with more brakes during the turn, but I was able to keep the lines tight, gradually applied more brake and easily got airborne. My flight school instructor was on the radio, he organized the trip along with another instructor who took off before me.

Followed the normal Big Sur flight plan, a sled ride down the main spine, turning south once clear of the ridge to head for the LZ. I started a little to the right of the spine, feeling I would be too low over ground if I were any closer to it. But the hill falls away and I got several puffs of lift which made it easy to fly directly over the spine. Lots of lift there, I cleared the final ridge by hundreds of feet.

Did a few smooth, slow 360s over the flats north of the LZ. My radio coach directed me to the LZ where I came down slowly, finishing with a U-turn landing approach. Landed gently in the wind about 10 yards short of my target. Exhilarating, beautiful flight. I was a little nervous about following the flight plan and didn’t absorb all the scenery. Ready for another flight.

12 minutes
Big Sur (Wild Cattle 3200′), reverse launch.


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