Posted by: cokenias | January 15, 2012

Never Ending LZ

Big Sur (Wild Cattle) 3200′, 2-4 mph W

Second flight at Big Sur (Wild Cattle). Reverse launch, wing came up cleanly and I was better on the speed control during the turn this time. Sat down a little early, should have cleared more terrain before coming out of torpedo position.

Immediately after launch got lifted by a thermal but didn’t find much more lift heading out. A few brief puffs, but none more than 2 seconds or so. Too low to follow the EW spine, I bore north crossing a shady valley of trees (sinky). A little trouble engaging my speed bar, instructor recommends I lean forward as though launching, to better find it with my heel. I also plan on getting a stirrup (foot rest). Was a little anxious flying in sink over a forest, but was never in danger. Should have been on bar earlier.

Cleared the ridge by a few hundred feet with additional bailout safety to the north. Found a bit of lift over the sun-facing coastal slopes but not enough to gain any height. Headed toward the LZ hoping to see the humpback whales spotted by another pilot. No luck.

Circled over the LZ a few times and set up a E,N,W DBF landing. Added an S turn to the Final, I was a little high. Landing was long, there’s a bit of lift in the LZ and the ground is deceptively sloped W. Lazy flare and gentle, no step landing. Didn’t kill the wing so much as drop it on my head.

  • Sat down too early.
  • Speed to fly, more speed bar when in sink.
  • Sloppy kill on landing.

12 minutes
Big Sur (Wild Cattle 3200′), reverse launch.


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