Posted by: cokenias | January 15, 2012

Teasing the Clouds Over Big Sur

Big Sur (Wild Cattle) 3200′, 3-17 mph W

Afternoon flight at Big Sur (Wild Cattle). After a very nauseating drive up the hill, reverse launch with good torpedo. Found some good lift over the sping on the way out but also was fighting a headwind. My speed bar was not connected (probably should have waited a bit longer for the nausea to pass). I considered hooking it up in air but spent my energy flying instead. Lower over the spine than I wanted to be I bore to the right to have more clearance over the final ridge.

Crossed the ridge about 150 AGL and passed through the corner of a small cloud. I didn’t lose sight of the ground and it was always clear which direction I was facing. Circled in some lift, just enough to fight gravity. Headed out over the flats and found the wind much stronger and from NW. Had trouble penetrating to the LZ, very slow ground speed. Speed bar would have helped. Pulled the bar lines with my fingers a few times.

Landed with very little forward speed, in the wind. Practiced kiting for about 20 minutes.

  • Preflight fail! Speed bar not hooked up.

14 minutes
Big Sur (Wild Cattle 3200′), reverse launch.


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