Posted by: cokenias | February 19, 2012

Ridge Soaring is Easier

Mussel Rock, Pacifica, 14 mph WNW – Sunny, hazy with a few flattened cu on the SW and NW hz

Lazy launch into a stiff W breeze, not the best kiting, dropped it once and was a bit lurchy in my forward progression. Nonetheless, instant, easy up in smooth cold air. Headed north, over the bowl and in front of the cliff. Smooth lift took me a few hundred feet above the ridge by the time I got to the church. Experimented with different hand grip on the controls. I’ve decided to break my habit of passing my whole hand through the toggle (I’ve been thinking more about being prepared to throw the reserve since my most recent mountain flight.) Fingers through the loop with line between thumb and index finger is comfy. Cruised the cliffs for a while with a few other PG and HG.

Came down over the Plateau and waited for a chance to top land near Tomcat. There were several gliders in the area, including faster-moving mini wings (very sharp wake coming off the minis), I couldn’t find an easy spot. Returned to the grassy area near Lemmings, landed in-wind, killing the wing promptly with Cs.


  • Lazy launch, upright posture and uneven speed.

0:39 Mussel Rock (Lemmings), reverse launch.


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