Answer Key

  1. No, it’s more like walking down a hill than jumping off of or out of anything.
  2. No, that’s a hang glider. This is where you’re sitting in a chair far below a wing-shaped parachute.
  3. No, your grandmother was parasailing. That’s where you’re under a round parachute pulled by a boat and can’t steer.
  4. 360°.
  5. All day long, riding air currents like a bird.
  6. As high as the clouds.
  7. Yes, really, thousands of feet.
  8. If you’re really good, over a hundred miles.
  9. About as safe/dangerous as motorcycling or horseback riding.
  10. There’s an extra parachute under the seat.
  11. You can wear a propeller and lawnmower engine if you want, but mine doesn’t work that way.
  12. Invisible “lift fairies”.
  13. About as expensive as a motorcycle and leathers.
  14. Yes, loops and spins and all sorts of tricks.
  15. It folds up into a 30 pound backpack.
  16. Several levels of license, a beginner license is level “P2”.
  17. No. Get lessons.
  18. About ten days of instruction, at least as many practicing on my own, some reading, a written test.
  19. No, that’s kite surfing.
  20. Yes, better than all of those things, individually and in combination.


  1. We have added your description “a wing-shaped parachute”
    to the Research Tips section at WorldParaglidingAssociation.

    You have pleasant and well-balanced blog here. Thanks for sharing it with the world!

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